10 great freeware programs for Mac OS X

10. DiskWave

With DiskWave you can find what’s eating up your precious space on your hard drive.  So, if you don’t have enough space for games or movies and you don’t know what to erase, you could definitely use DiskWave

09. Seashore

Seashore is an open source image editor for Mac OS. It is a free and open source. Instead of Photoshop you can use this awesome software because it’s much smaller and lighter than Photoshop and of course, more easier to use.

08. Skim PDF Reader

Skim is an awesome PDF reader for Mac. With Skim you can view and read any PDF file, a great way to start working on you book or other projects.  at this free software.

07. MPlayer OS X

MPlayerOSX represents the main distribution of MPlayer and comes with its native GUI in MacOSX. MPlayer is the most used multimedia application for Linux and is now one of the most popular application for Mac OS X.

06. SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey is the name of the new open-source Mozilla Suite. SeaMonkey incorporates a browser, mail client, web editor and a chat client. It also includes pop-up block for malicious ads and advanced web features.

05. Sunrise Browser

Sunrise Browser is an incredibly speedy, if somewhat quirky browser for Mac users. Sunrise is a really awesome browser, some say because of the speed with which it launches and the speed of its web-page rendering.

04. IceClean

IceClean is an awesome System Maintenance and Optimization Tool based on UNIX.  Some of its features: you can easily repair permissions, cleanup your system, enable or disable firewall, rebuild finder menu icons and it can clean up a bunch of problems with Spotlight.

03. Floola

Floola is a application that lets you organize your music, video, podcasts and photos on your iPod or Motorola phone (any model compatible with iTunes). This is an application that requires no installation and runs on Mac OS X and Linux or Windows. 

02. Adium

Adium is an instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to networks like AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo(an important feature), Facebook of course and more.

01. PsyncX

PsyncX is a backup application that can meet the requirements of many Mac users, with advanced functionality and interface extremely easy to use. With this awesome application anyone can make a full bootable copy of a hard drive or to copy the entire hard drive to another computer. 


Safaricon - pimp your Safari

Give your Safari 'da look' with Safaricon. The themes do not change the browser's look wildly like Firefox Themes, but they're pretty nice (some of them). And the download is worth alone by the app's replacement of the useless 'Report Bug' button with a very useful 'New Tab' button.

Disable Safari Download Warning

Hooray! Finally a free way to disable Safari's super annoying Download Warnings (ya know, the dialog you get 'this may contain an application, do you really want to download it?'.

I HATE it. The only way to disable it until now AFAIK was with the (great) shareware program Saft, but now Safari Enhancer does it for free. Safari Enhancer also allows you to adjust various setting in Safari, though mine behaves weirdly if I disable the cache. Since you're gonna download it anyway, check the link for the full app's function list.

iPod Hi-Fi review

Well although it is very expensive and I criticized its price quite harshly in a previous post, the iPod Hi-fi might just be worth the price for you rich kiddos since it seems potent enough to fill up an entire room with sound (party time!), though it lacks a bit of treble detail, something I value highly, but I know most people love powerful woofers, so check out this comparison review.


FlashMount - mount images in a second.

With FlashMount, you can mount disk images in a second. It does not verify the image and it automatically accepts user agreements, so you can have any disk image (mainly .DMG files) opening almost instantly.

I used 'Get Info' for a DMG file, changed all DMG file types to open with FlashMount and voilĂ !

Images opening FAST. Loved this app, only 167K.


Freewaremac needs your help!

Yeah, it's time to get a domain, I guess. I'm not fond of this blogspot thingie, so I need your help!

1) I need a suggestion for a domain name;

2) Donations are accepted - click the button to donate 1 Dollar if you found this site of any use, or if you feel like it, whatever, you know the whole 'please donate' speech:

I'd really love a domain name suggestion... If you leave it in the comments, it will get to my mail.


ImageWell - best freeware simple image editor available

ImageWellOk, this is da bomb in simple image editing:

- Watermark your images;
- Crop, Resize, Rotate, etc;
- Send it to your .mac account or any other FTP server;
- 467 Kbytes and free;
- and some other stuff, but I pretty much think I've convinced you already.

Ok enough, go download it, man. Don't even argue with me. It's an order.


Unpacking and Creating RAR files on Mac OS X

RAR files are a files that have been compressed with the RAR engine, a proprietary format (ya know, like .SIT format). Since I've seem in forums around the net that even Windoze users have problems dealing with RAR files, I imagine many Mac users do too.

I've tested all the freeware solutions to unpack .RAR files, and the only one that always works is UnrarX. Don't forget to check if your RAR file is password protected, because the program asks for it in the beginning but if you ignore that, it will try to unpack the file anyway and only give a message error in the end.

Creating a .RAR file is usually reserved to shareware applications, even on Windows. The only app that does it for free is Gumby, as far as I know (and after a lot of researching). Gumby is a great utility that does so many things you'll have to download the manual (it's a PDF in the main page - there's a link) to learn all about it. To create a .RAR file, just go to the 'RAR' tab and press Alt (Option), and the button will change from 'Process' (for unpacking files) to 'Create'.

Keeping Gmail open all the time / Sunrise Browser

Since I love Gmail and I keep it open all the time, I use the lightest browser I can to keep a window opened with it so it won't affect my CPU's performance.

My browser of choice for that is Sunrise Browser (I've posted about it in this link). It uses Safari's Webkit engine. So Gmail's built-in chat won't work too, but for me, that's less annoyance.

Just make sure you access your Gmail using the URL http://mail.google.com/gmail?nocheckbrowser - or Gmail will be loaded in HTML mode (for theoretically unsupported browsers), which sucks big time.

Update: I was just going to complain that it's a pity Sunrise Browser seemed dead, but it has been recently updated. Go take a look!